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Houston Divorce & Family Law Attorney Richard J. Tholstrup

The Tholstrup Law Firm, L.P.

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Family Law Attorney Richard J. Tholstrup

Choosing A Family Law Attorney


Your choice of a family law attorney is a paramount decision. The most important aspects are:
1) whether you feel comfortable with the attorney
2) whether they know the law and the court system you will be operating in.

If your case is complex, you need to know that your attorney and his/her staff are experienced in handling the complexity of similar cases and have access to the resources needed to prosecute the case properly.

Family cases can vary from uncontested to full blown jury trials. Certain child related cases that could normally be tried to the bench (the judge) have to be tried to a jury because of the bias of the court. This changes the experts needed, and the cost and timing of a trial dramatically which must be made by the client.

Complex property cases take on a nature of their own as well. There are extremely competent expects in the Sate of Texas that know the statutes and the laws needed to resolve a case in front of the judge or jury. Again, it is extremely important that your attorney know which of these experts will testify well and be respected by the court your client ends up in.