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Attorney Richard J. Tholstrup

The Tholstrup Law Firm, L.P., Heartily Endorses New Texas Divorce Law

The Tholstrup Law Firm, L.P., applauds a new divorce law in Texas requiring divorcing parents to implement a comprehensive parenting plan, which may include a Parenting Coordinator appointed by the court to oversee implementation. A Parenting plan is a court order that sets out the rights and duties that divorcing parents have to their children

Houston, Texas March 27, 2006 -- A high-conflict divorce frequently takes its toll on the emotional wellbeing of the children involved. The Texas legislature is proactively working to reduce the emotional damage to these children from the fall out of their parents’ divorce. The legislature recently passed a new Texas law requiring divorcing parents to establish and follow a parenting plan. The Tholstrup Law Firm, L.P., practices family law in the Houston area and specializes in divorce law; the firm is well versed in representing parents who are setting up the new parenting plans.

The Texas Family Code defines a parenting plan as “a temporary or final court order that sets out the rights and duties of parents in a suit affecting the parent-child relationship, and a dispute resolution process to minimize future disputes.” In practice, a parenting plan omits any “trying to win” attitude and replaces it with a positive, honest attempt at open communication between parents for the wellbeing of the children.

A court-appointed parenting coordinator, trained in parent coordination and family violence, assists the divorcing parents in setting guidelines for any potential parental problems. Four basic provisions must be included in the parenting plan. First, the plan clearly states each parent’s rights and duties. Parents then establish a way to minimize the children’s exposure to harmful parental conflict. The parenting plan must consider the children’s future needs in a way that minimizes the need for altering the parenting plan. Lastly, the parenting plan is to provide a way for the parents to handle any future disputes they may have without going back to court.

The majority of parenting plans address details including financial accountability, which parent makes the educational and medical decisions for the child, and what happens if one parent decides to move in the future.

Richard Tholstrup graduated from the University of Houston Law School in 1995 after attaining his bachelor of science in chemical engineering at the University of Kansas in 1975. His bar admissions include the State Bar of Texas, Federal Southern District of Texas, U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the 5th U.S. Circuit of Appeals. Mr. Tholstrup established The Tholstrup Law Firm, L.P., in 2003.

Christine R. Thrash, an associate of the firm, obtained a B.A. in psychology at Texas A&M in 1998 and graduated from South Texas College of Law in Houston in 2001. Her bar admissions include the State Bar of Texas and the Federal Southern District of Texas.

For more information pertaining to parenting plans or Texas divorce law, contact Richard Tholstrup via phone at 713-225-1280 or visit our website at www.TholstrupLaw.com.